Asphalt Repair

Expert Asphalt Repair and Maintenance

Taking care of your asphalt services will keep them looking good and extend their life. Our paving contractors have years of experience installing and maintaining asphalt throughout West Palm Beach, FL. With our extensive experience in the asphalt industry, we know the best ways to care for asphalt to keep it in the best shape possible. We offer cost-effective repair options and free assessments of any damage on your pavement surfaces.

Types of Repair We Offer

We offer a variety of options to repair all kinds of asphalt damage. Damage to your asphalt should not go unaddressed as it can lead to bigger problems. Properly maintained asphalt lasts for decades and will be pleasant and smooth to drive on.


Our paving contractors patch potholes in roads, parking lots, driveways and other asphalt pavement surfaces. Cutting and patching potholes with fresh hot mix asphalt is a long-lasting way to repair potholes.


Asphalt is subject to cracking from overly heavy traffic as well as from the shifting of the earth. Checking asphalt for cracks every year and having them filled is an essential part of routine maintenance. We fill cracks with high-quality sealer, helping prevent water intrusion and future damage.

Other Damage

Tree roots can cause crumbling and breaking of asphalt. Accidental damage can cause scrapes on pavement. Traffic that is too heavy for the asphalt installed can cause asphalt to crack or break. No matter what damage your pavement surface has, we can help.

Asphalt pavement is a long-lasting material that requires minimal maintenance. The occasional crackfilling and sealing will keep your surfaces safe from most damage. When you need damage repaired, we can help with our knowledgeable quotes and reliable fixes.

Importance of Asphalt Repair

Asphalt may seem impervious to harm, but there are several factors that can lead to extensive asphalt damage. The number one issue for most asphalt is water intrusion. Deep cracks that allow water to seep through, can cause extensive damage. The water flows through the foundation layers of the asphalt, and if it freezes, will expand and can cause pressure and damage to another section of asphalt. This is often why you see potholes appear in seemingly random areas of your parking lot or road.

Repairing small cracks, patching holes, and fixing any damage you notice sooner rather than later will help prevent foundation erosion, large holes, and other problems.

Serving all Properties

Our paving contractors work with all customers to keep their asphalt free from cracks and holes. We patch parking lots, repair roads, and maintain driveways. Asphalt is a sturdy and reliable surface, and we want to help keep it that way with our knowledgeable repair services. Call us today for a free quote on any asphalt repair project you have!


Asphalt Driveways

We repair asphalt driveways in West Palm Beach, FL. Your driveway should be safe, smooth, and comfortable to drive on. When a driveway has cracks, holes, and other wear, it can can hurt your car, be difficult to walk on, and also cause extensive damage to your pavement foundation if it goes unaddressed. Our asphalt driveway repair will restore the good looks and functionality of your driveway.


Parking Lot Repair

Parking lots often make the first impression on customers. Having a parking lot free of potholes and driving hazards will show patrons that you care. It also improves accessibility for those with limited mobility. We offer parking lot resurfacing, pothole patching, crackfilling, and sealcoating. Get a free estimate for parking lot maintenance from our estimator!


Road Repair

Bumpy roads with potholes and uneven surfaces are frustrating and perhaps even dangerous to cars and drivers. We repair roads for private properties, HOAs, and cities. Keeping roads in good shape will extend their life, as well as improve driver experience. No matter what kind of repair your road needs, our paving company has the tools, know-how, and equipment to help.